Source, Buy, Remodel and Sell..




Renovate for profit

Residential property is a secure place to invest, particularly in London that benefits from a global property demand as a “safe haven” reputation. Add Global offers the option of purchasing a property alternate and sell it. While this can certainly be a way to secure a profitable return on your investment –ROI, investing in London`s property market is not always simple.
Through an extensive network of Estate Agents and Building Surveyors, Add Global Limited will source the perfect investment property, prepare a feasibility study and a business plan up to the project completion.

Three simple rules

  • We are sourcing for a property that stands forlorn on the best street, as this factor gives you maximum scope for added value.
  • Maximise the property`s space: creating a basement, building a loft conversion, a side and/or a rear extension increases the total property value.
  • Design and build as an investment property according to the market demands, not as a family house

Design & Build is a fresh concept offered to the investors for all kind of residences, across London. This incorporates a project’s planning and design stage, all matters relating to obtaining planning permission, adhering to Building Regulations and the management of all the important structural and construction issues.

A Feasibility Study will enable us to maximise the space of your investment property, which is ultimately combined with an added value. A fully detailed business plan defines the investment budget and avoids “over-renovated” costs. Adding quality, also tends to fare well at resale time.

Our comprehensive service includes the drawing-up of your property, finalising materials and details; the management of the entire process and the drafting of a detailed project budget and work schedule.

There is no market law to indicate that values must go up, so we don’t rely too heavily on that annual bump, but more on smart renovation design and building techniques which increase significantly the resale value.

A huge underestimated factor that will define a property value in the near future is the energy efficiency. However, the likelihood is that energy efficiency requirements will become more stringent as time goes on and home heating and insulating technology develops.

A more energy efficient home can also mean a cheaper mortgage, as lenders are increasingly offering green mortgages which give lower rates or higher loan amounts to those with certain EPC ratings. Designing and renovating an investment property following the “green mission” offers a long-term cost saving result, which attracts more end buyers.

Adding space and resell is not an investment. Keeping that in mind there is a “ceiling value” –a maximum value that any property can achieve. Add Global consultation team can propose a variety of investment properties and we are open to listen your plan. Contact us for clear, concise advice on the best way to invest your money in the London property market.


Maximise your margin, secure your profit